Monday, November 8, 2010

Our New Blog Address


I just wanted to inform you that we have decided to go for our own blog system, and here's the link:

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Brief History of Handy FilmTools

Handy FilmTools started it’s journey to provide filmmaking solutions in 2000 when Kadir K√∂ymen started manufacturing his own equipment for his own low budget projects. Through the local buzz and requests, when demand for these equipment rose, he decided to go into professional manufacturing by founding Handy FilmTools. The company started offering practical equipment for low budget filmmakers and directors locally in 2002.
Following the demand and requirements of the industry, Handy FilmTools released it’s first worldwide known product in 2008. Handy 35 models (V3, V5, V5 Plus+) were the first products of Handy FilmTools to be shipped across globe. Providing a 35mm adapter solution with the best price/performance ratio to it’s customers, Handy FilmTools moved on to other projects to widen the services.
 Even though not manufactured anymore, we are still getting requests on this one

The well known Handy|SLR made it’s debut not long after Handy35’s release. Having quite a buzz across the world, the company’s first rig system became very popular thanks to it’s versatile yet rock solid design. Many customers asked for upgrades, and following their feedback, Handy FilmTools decided to make things even better!

  Well known Handy|SLR has many worldwide customers. Upgradable with some Base.X parts, Handy|SLR is still supported
Experimenting, evaluating and taking it all back to sketch when needed, Base.X was born. The double shoulder support that comes with Base.X is probably the biggest highlight of the new rig system. Having the innovative advancements aside, Base.X also has almost limitless flexibility thanks to it’s unique design allowing it’s users to build their own rig the way they want.

 Our new rig system Base.X, offering further flexibility, the new innovative double shoulder support and rock-solid design!

Providing unmatched support and services to it’s customers, Handy FilmTools will continue it’s quest to enchance filmmaking, and has several projects in future including an innovative Follow Focus system, Mattebox and a Slider project.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Handy FilmTools Web-Site Online, Base.X Available Now!

Hello guys!

Today I am happy to announce that our official site is online with fully functional store options.

Base.X is available for purchase now, offered in four different bundles, with customization and upgrade options!

Happy browsing!
Handy Team

Friday, October 22, 2010